Itasca Community College Scrimmage

On February 19th, DNA participated in the annual Itasca Community College (ICC) Scrimmage. This event gives local robotics teams the chance to test their robots on a realistic playing field before Bag and Tag. Team DNA learned various things to improve this year’s robot, such as resolving the robots arm jam for the robots shooter. The team also tested out the new scouting program to use for competitions, making it faster and easier to collect data from other teams. Near the end of the scrimmage a variety of awards were given out to teams with different accomplishments assigned to each award. DNA received the Drive Train Award for their unique “octo-bot” design, for being able to move swiftly and smoothly in any direction while functioning normally.

IMG_4679         tasca photo

Weekly Update 6

February 18th, 2017

Greetings everyone,

This week our build and electrical sub-teams have been working hard to put the final touches on this year’s robot. Our spirit sub-team has been creating the buttons for all of the upcoming  DNA events.

The team hosted its annual robot reveal on Thursday, February 16th. We would like to thank everyone who attended this event. Without the support from sponsors and community members none of this could have been possible. DNA has a tradition of naming the robot after a Greek letter and a mentor. This year we have named our robot after Jerry Walz, and the Greek letter Gamma. The official name of our robot is Gamma Grandpa. Stop Build Day is only three days away! On Tuesday evening we will place our robot in a bag and seal the bag; henceforth, we will not be able to touch it until competition. We are getting ready for the Lake Superior Regional (LSR) which is on March 3rd and 4th at the DECC. DNA is also preparing for their second regional, which is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on March 22nd to the 25th.

This concludes our weekly update series! Stay tuned for press releases from major events. Thanks again for all of your support!

Weekly Update 5

February 9th, 2017

Greetings everyone,

Denfeld Nation Automation (DNA) Update for Week 5

This week our build and electrical has been hard at work finalizing our robot frame. We have finished the Woodie Flowers Award and the Entrepreneurship Award as well. Our programming team has been experimenting with vision processing. Our graphic design team has been working on buttons to give out at competition. Marketing team has been contacting businesses, seeking more sponsorships and donations.


We will be hosting our Robot Reveal Open House from 5:00pm to 7:00pm on Thursday, February 16th in the Denfeld Commons. Ice cream sundaes and beverages will be provided for those attending. Please come and support our team and see the progress we have made on this year’s robot!

Please stay tuned for more weekly updates!  Thanks again for all of your support!

Weekly Update 4

February 4th, 2017

Greetings Everyone,

Denfeld Nation Automation (DNA) Update for Week 4

This week, our team has been hard at work. The build and electrical teams have been working on prototyping various components of the robot and piecing together the electrical board. Design team has been working on the frame and gear piece design for the robot while graphic design team is finalizing the t-shirt and button designs. Programming team has configured all of the 2017 radios and are currently working on autonomous macro recording and vision processing. Business team continues fundraising as we try to reach our budget by contacting more businesses, writing grants, and working on our Dinner and Silent Auction fundraiser. Awards team submitted the written portion of the Chairman’s award and continues working on the Entrepreneurship and Woodie Flowers award submissions.

Please stay tuned for more weekly updates! Thanks again for all of your support!


Weekly Update 3

January 31st, 2017

Denfeld Nation Automation (DNA) Update for Week 3

We are now 25 days from when we must complete the robot for this year’s Steamworks competition. This week our build team has been constantly designing and upgrading our robot. The frame is constructed, and we are evaluating how to mount different required items on it.

We have completed the building of practice field elements needed for the game and these items are ready and waiting for robot elements to try them out. Our programming team is prototyping a code on an IP camera with last year’s robot in order to fine tune the code for this year’s competition. They are now able to snap photos from the robot’s view.

On a final note, our new video team is currently designing the chairman’s video with the help of a new mentor in the field of video production. This will expand our team’s ability to promote our team on many avenues.

Please stay tuned for more weekly updates

rovbot 1

robotic 3

robot 2




Weekly Update 2

January, 19th, 2017

Greetings Everyone, Denfeld Nation Automation (DNA) Update for Week 2

This week we have been working to perfect our previous prototypes for our robot. We also have been working hard creating our version of the playing field so our robot can function and practice for the real thing. We finalized the design of our drive train, and are working to complete the design of our components pending the results of our prototyping.  We still feel we are ahead of schedule compared to last year and are excited for what the rest of build season has in store for us!. Please stay tuned for the following weekly updates. Thanks again for your support this year.


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Weekly Updates

January, 12th, 2017

Greetings Everyone, Denfeld Nation Automation (DNA) Update for Week 1

This week, we were given the challenge for the 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition STEAMWORKS. We have included a link to this year’s challenge here. Our first week consisted of developing a general idea on how our robot is going to function, prototyping parts, and designing the smaller details. Compared to last year, we are ahead of schedule. We also have been starting construction of field elements. Please stay tuned for the following weekly updates. Thanks again for your support this year.

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On December 3rd, teams from all around the area went to Itasca Community College for a day of robotics training seminars. Students learned programming, electrical wiring, and other aspects of robotics that will help them as they prepare to tackle this year’s FIRST Robotics challenge! Our team presented two classes: Drive Trains and Transmissions, and Robot Specific Electronics.
We learned a lot and are excited for our game Kickoff on January 7th so we can apply what we learned as we design, build, and program this year’s bot!

Marshall Lego Competition

Hello, everyone! We want to thank the students from Denfeld Nation Automation who volunteered at the Marshall Lego Robotics Competition on December 3rd. We helped in several areas like concessions, pit supervision, and floating volunteers at this event, etc. A heartfelt thanks from the entire DNA team and its mentors.

Barnes & Noble

On November, 5th, 2016, Denfeld Nation Automation, Marshall Topper Bots, and Lakeview Christian Academy Lions Pride all demonstrated their teams robot during the Mini Maker Fair.