Iowa Regional (2017)


Entrepreneurship Award 

Lake Superior Regional (2017)

Creativity Award

Creativity Award

1st and 2nd Place, Gitchi-Gummie Get Together (2016)

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Helping Hands Award (2016)

 1st Place, Lake Superior Regional (2016)


 Lake Superior Regional Engineering Inspiration Award (2016)

2nd Place, Gitchi-Gummi Get Together (2015)


Dunwoody Outstanding Engineering and Design Award (MSHSL Tournament, 2015)


Innovation In Control Award (Lake Superior Regional, 2015)

Innovation In Control Award, from the 2015 Lake Superior Regional

Innovation In Control Award, from the Lake Superior Regional

1st Place Champions, Gitchi-Gummi Get Together (2014)

a trophy and some other people.

2014 1st Place Champions Gitchi Gummi Get Together