Robot: Gamma Grandpa

Year: 2017

Game: Steamworks

Name explanation: Gamma Grandpa’s name comes from our mentor Gerald who helps our team in many fields from build, to marketing. Gamma Grandpa is named to thank Gerald for all he does for our team.

Robot Pic'

Robot: S. S. Scorpio

Year: 2016

Game: Stronghold

Name explanation: The “S. S.” stands for Steph and Susan, who helped our marketing team raise the most money we have ever raised as a team. The “Scorpio” was added because the robot resembles a scorpion.



Robot: Lambda Larry

Year: 2015

Game: Recycle Rush

Name explanation: The robot bears a striking resemblance to the lower-case Greek letter lambda.  Larry is one of our build mentors that put in a lot of time helping us get our robot built.

Sideways Larry, whilst on!

Lambda Larry, the 2015 bot



Robot: Delta Donny

Year: 2014

Game: Aerial Assist

Name explanation: The triangle shaped robot looks like an uppercase Greek-letter delta from the side.  Donny Fuller has been a huge inspirational mentor for the team, and was the mentor we nominated for the Woody Flowers Award that year.  Also, the robot went through a number of major changes and delta is the symbol for change.

Delta Donny, the 2014 bot

Delta Donny, the 2014 bot



Robot: Cubert

Year: 2013

Game: Ultimate Ascent

Name explanation: Cubert is Cubert because he looks like a cube.  Cubert loves to throw frisbees!

Cubert, the 2013 bot

Cubert, the 2013 bot



Robot: Jeffery J

Year: 2012

Game: Rebound Rumble

Name explanation: Jeffery J was one of DNA’s first sponsors, and contributed much to helping us get a robot on the field during our rookie year!

Jeffery J, the 2012 bot

Jeffery J, the 2012 bot



Robot: Archie

Year: 2011

Game: Logo Motion

Explanation: Archie was made in conjunction with the East team prior to the official formation of Team 4009 DNA Robotics.