The Night Before Bag and Tag
By Lauren Johnson

‘Twas the night before bag & tag,
And all across the globe,
Not A FRC student was sleeping,
(Even though sleep is what they were needing),
Worried that they might not finish in time,
Before those midnight bells chime,
Hard at work in garages and shops,
Drinking large amounts of highly caffeinated pop,
While tweaking this part and that,
In order to ensure that their robot isn’t too fat.
But when the deadline passes- they all stare,
At the package labeled “handle with great care”
At last they slept- safe in their own beds,
While visions of robots raced through their heads.
With each year comes a new game,
And only six short weeks is their time frame.
The work will be tough
But of fun there is always more than enough
Their sights are set high
And it is for St. Louis that they all vie
Graciously professional they most certainly were
Anticipating the trials they will have to endure
Dreams and goals teammates share,
In hopes that their first regional competition might soon be there.