Iowa Regional Stream

DNA will not be in charge of webcasting this weekends regional, but we still have students running the skycam! Here is the link to watch the stream. Thanks for supporting the team and wish us luck!

Today’s DNA Match Numbers and Scores

BLUE 1 BLUE 2 BLUE 3 RED 1 RED 2 RED 3  BLUE Score  RED Score Quals 5 4009 3840 6217 4166 4360 2855  195  95 Quals 21 2057 3291 5690 3275 4009 6146  192  240 Quals 30 4009 6056 4181 3054 4480 6047  160  140  Quals 41 5998 93 4009 2227 3276 1714  235 […]

2017 Lake Superior Regional Livestream

Here is a direct link to the Denfeld Robotics YouTube channel. To find the Lake Superior Livestream, hosted by us, click the link below, then click on the Lake Superior Livestream! Please share the link around and support the team! -Zak & Matt

Team DNA places 2nd at State Robotics Competition!

On Saturday, May 21, 2016, Denfeld Nation Automation (DNA) Team 4009 competed at the Minnesota State High School League Championship in Minneapolis at the Mariucci Arena. DNA was ranked 4th out of 30 teams at the end of qualification matches. They became the third seeded alliance captain and chose Team 2883, F.R.E.D and Team 3042, […]

We made it to the Semi-Finals!

DNA robotics made it to the semi-finals! We were ranked 4th and after alliance selections we are the 3rd seat alliance. Now all that is left is the finals. Here we go! Wish us luck! You can visit this website to see the match schedule for semi-finals and finals.

List of Qualification matches

Here is a chart of the Qualification matches that we will be participating in. The scores will be updated as we play each match. You can also go to this website to see a list of the matches. Match # Time Red 1 Red 2 Red 3 Blue 1 Blue 2 Blue 3 Score Red […]

Our Last Qualifier Match!

Our last Qualifier match went very well! We won with 124 points on the red alliance and 101 points on the blue alliance. We are currently ranked 3 but that could change with the last few matches that other teams have. Wish us luck getting into the semi-finals!

One more match to go!

We lost in match 20 with red alliance having 125 and blue alliance 94. Our last 2 matches before lunch were not the same as match 20 though! We won the next two matches. The match score for match 23 was red alliance with 101 and blue alliance with 111. The match after that, match […]