DNA attended 2 regionals – the Lake Superior Regional at the DECC in Duluth, Minnesota & the Central Illinois Regional in Peoira, Illinois. In Duluth, team 4009 made it to 8th place and was an alliance captain for the playoff rounds, ranking 3rd on the Blue Alliance’s OPR. DNA also won the Innovation in Control award for the macros used to record and play back the autonomous programs. Team 4009 made it to the semifinals at Peoria (3rd place, 117.4 playoff average). 326 litter points were scored at the Central Illinois Regional by our human player, Matt “MiniMatt” J.






(went to state & ranked 3rd, ranked 24th on Blue Alliance, made it to semifinals, game animation)

unnamed (3)






(getting into our stride, ranked 7th on the Blue Alliance, game animation)


unnamed (2)








(our first year on our own, ranked 63rd, game animation)

unnamed (1)



(our starting year with 2512, ranked 1st, game animation)









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