Iowa Regional Day 1 Update

During the first day of qualification rounds, our team competed in 6 matches. We went 5-1 which puts us in 7th place out of 54 teams. Our climber has been consistent and we can now place a gear on the side peg during the autonomous period. Tomorrow our team has 3 qualification rounds before alliance […]

Iowa Regional Scores

   Time/Match  Red 1  Red 2  Red 3  Blue 1  Blue 2  Blue 3  Red Score  Blue Score  10:10am / 9  6467  6359  5935  2081  4009  2512 130  285  11:28am / 18  6164  4009  6317  2512  2040  3018  170  307  1:14 / 24 5453 6379  6412  4009  3206  5935  90 160  2:50 / 36  2450  1094 […]

Iowa Regional Stream

DNA will not be in charge of webcasting this weekends regional, but we still have students running the skycam! Here is the link to watch the stream. Thanks for supporting the team and wish us luck!

Lake Superior Regional Recap

Denfeld Nation Automation (DNA) FIRST Robotics Team 4009 competed in the Lake Superior Regional at the DECC on March 3rd and 4th. DNA played six qualification rounds on Friday; the team performed well and ended the day in 5th place. On Saturday, Denfeld Robotics had two matches before alliance selection. In the second to last […]

Today’s DNA Match Numbers and Scores

BLUE 1 BLUE 2 BLUE 3 RED 1 RED 2 RED 3  BLUE Score  RED Score Quals 5 4009 3840 6217 4166 4360 2855  195  95 Quals 21 2057 3291 5690 3275 4009 6146  192  240 Quals 30 4009 6056 4181 3054 4480 6047  160  140  Quals 41 5998 93 4009 2227 3276 1714  235 […]

DNA Practice Matches

Hello, everyone! Today our team is taking part in practice matches for the Lake Superior Regional. So far our team has participated in one match and two more practice matches later today, the next match starts at 3:20 (match 21) and the last match starts at 4:10 (match 26). If you would like to watch […]

2017 Lake Superior Regional Livestream

Here is a direct link to the Denfeld Robotics YouTube channel. To find the Lake Superior Livestream, hosted by us, click the link below, then click on the Lake Superior Livestream! Please share the link around and support the team! -Zak & Matt

Itasca Community College Scrimmage

On February 19th, DNA participated in the annual Itasca Community College (ICC) Scrimmage. This event gives local robotics teams the chance to test their robots on a realistic playing field before Bag and Tag. Team DNA learned various things to improve this year’s robot, such as resolving the robots arm jam for the robots shooter. The […]

Weekly Update 6

February 18th, 2017 Greetings everyone, This week our build and electrical sub-teams have been working hard to put the final touches on this year’s robot. Our spirit sub-team has been creating the buttons for all of the upcoming  DNA events. The team hosted its annual robot reveal on Thursday, February 16th. We would like to […]

Weekly Update 5

February 9th, 2017 Greetings everyone, Denfeld Nation Automation (DNA) Update for Week 5 This week our build and electrical has been hard at work finalizing our robot frame. We have finished the Woodie Flowers Award and the Entrepreneurship Award as well. Our programming team has been experimenting with vision processing. Our graphic design team has […]