Build Season Week 6 & Robot Reveal

The sixth week of build season has been busy with bag and tag only four days away. Our build team has been working hard on a climbing mechanism as well as perfecting the robot’s power cube intake. Programming subteam perfected the power cube dumper code and produced a debug log for any possible errors. These […]

Build Season Weekly Update 5

Our fifth week of build season has been full of accomplishments for our sub teams. Our build team prototyped a power cube manipulator which is in the final stage of the manufacturing process. The electrical sub team finished placement of electronic components, bringing us closer to completion of the robot. Programming finished coding the drive […]

Build Season Week 4 Update

Denfeld Nation Automation (DNA) Update for Week 4 This week our build and electrical sub teams have been busy completing their goals for this week! The build team has completed a game piece manipulator and our drivetrain and electrical teams have been piecing together the electronics board to mount on our robot. The programming team […]

Build Season Week 3 Update

Denfeld Nation Automation (DNA) Update for Week 3 We are 25 days away from bag and tag, the end of build season. This week our CAD team finalized the main robot design and has moved on to designing our game piece manipulators. Our detailed CAD design makes the building process of the robot easier and […]

Build Season Week 2 Update

    During the second week of build season, our team accomplished a multitude of tasks getting us closer to a completed robot. Our build team finished prototyping the robot along with assembling a lift kit, which is a powered mechanism that can raise game components up over seven feet in the air. Our drivetrain […]

Build Season Week 1 Update

  January 12, 2018 Denfeld Nation Automation (DNA) Update for Week 1 Our first week consisted of team brainstorming and being well read on this years’ rules. We started a prototype robot, as well as designing our competition robot on a program called SolidWorks. SolidWorks is a modeling computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering computer program. […]


The 2018 robotics season has finally begun! We are excited to begin our new year with a brand new challenge, FIRST Power UP! Here are some pictures of the team brainstorming and coming up with ideas for the new robot.